The GOP Just Cut A Health Care Deal That Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach


No one expects Donald Trump to facilitate peace in the Middle East, ensure everyone is covered with low-cost health care, eliminate unemployment, or work other miracles in his first year, or even by the end of his term, if he makes it that long. However, the reality is that Trump’s pompous attitude led him to write checks that his skills and intelligence don’t allow him to cash.

While on the campaign trail, Trump made it seem as if President Obama was the devil himself, and that Trump had the daunting task of fixing all of the problems that Obama supposedly caused. Although far from perfect, President Obama wasn’t the worst thing to happen to America. In fact, he was so good for the country that Trump has spent the better part of his time in office thus far, both obsessively bashing Obama, and also taking credit for the fruits of Obama’s labor.

Trump almost has to take credit for President Obama’s work, though, because in almost seven months in office, the Trump administration has done absolutely nothing but stir up controversy, blame others for their transgressions, and minimize their mistakes. Trump’s biggest mistake, perhaps, has been promising that he could repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

As a result of his selfish commitment, many Washington Republicans have once again been revealed as caring more about their party than the people they’re supposed to serve. With vacation looming and Trump’s so-called health care bill still lacking the votes it needs to pass, Washington insiders have started talking about what Republicans may settle for in terms of a “skinny” health care bill.

Fat or skinny, the bill is bad and means a death sentence for millions of America’s most vulnerable people.

Nevertheless, Republicans are pushing forward and it seems they’re also coming up with ways they can accidentally, on purpose, pass the bill, but not take the blame for doing so. According to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the House and Senate are playing a ridiculous game of cat and mouse:

Why is it “ridiculous” since it seems the House promises not to vote for the bill? Well, as one Twitter user put it, the plan is stupid enough to get the legislation passed:

Others were so disappointed with the games Republicans are playing with Americans’ lives, they simply vented their anger to Sen. Feinstein:

One person seems so desperate that she appears to beg for bipartisan cooperation:

No one should have to beg elected lawmakers to do their jobs, but that is exactly the disparity that many people are feeling under the Trump administration.

Simply put, Americans don’t have time for “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine,” type of games from D.C. lawmakers. The only way to ensure that citizens aren’t punished because of Trump’s childish vendetta against President Obama, is to vote “No.” That’s exactly what one person made crystal clear:

Unfortunately, Sen. Feinstein’s confirmation that the GOP is devising a plan that could accidentally pass the bill, is a sad reminder that Republicans don’t have the guts to just say no.

Featured Image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla/Staff