Trump’s Odd Behavior While Melania Speaks At Rally Goes Viral In Seconds (VIDEO)


We all know that you find it nothing to refer to female members of your own family as a “piece of a**,” Donald, but do you really have to rub the gravity of your election in every time you get a chance?

The president went to Youngstown, Ohio, this week for a rally, and while there, as has been the case at other rallies, his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, introduced him. As has also been the case at other rallies, the president hovered over Melania while she spoke, like he’s some sort of predatory animal waiting to close in on its prey. The behavior has gotten so egregious that it’s attracted the attention of publications like Vanity Fair.

Melania’s short remarks before her husband spoke simply recounted the course of the last year for the First Couple. As she said, about one year ago, Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination for president at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

She offered up some unsurprisingly vague platitudes, saying — after recounting Donald’s electoral victory, like he himself loves to do so often:

‘As president, my husband will continue to fight each and every day to ensure our security, defend our livelihoods, and rebuild the foundations of fortune that have made the United States the land of opportunity. Washington has fought him every step of the way, but I know my husband and he will never give up.’

All the while, Donald stood off to Melania’s side like some sort of narcissistic maniac, getting so close to her that it seemed as though they could have been touching.

Check out a screenshotted example of this below.

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Move back, Donald.

Really, this whole thing is yet another indication of just how out of place Trump is as president of the United States. He doesn’t even know how to properly wait his turn to speak. He’s just so used to working as head of the Trump Organization, where he made everything about himself. He’s still in the same mindset.

Watch the full video of Melania’s remarks introducing her husband at this week’s Ohio rally below.

Featured Image via Justin Merriman/ Getty Images