New Presidential Approval Data Released – Trump On Red-Hot Freakout Watch


President Donald Trump just may be one of the most polarizing figures in American political history, according to new statistics from the Harvard-Harris survey. While it has been known for a long time that Donald Trump had an abysmally poor approval rating compared to recent presidents, he did experience a surge in his approval rating over the last few months. Now certainly that begs further investigating, but for now, rest assured that the majority of your fellow Americans are with you in their disapproval of Trump… sort of.

His official rating according to this new survey is a pitiful 44 percent. He has dropped 4 points since the last poll in June and has smashed through his worst rating record of 45 percent in May.

Of particular concern, however, is the way that the approval numbers change as a result of including data about respondent’s political affiliation. If a respondent identified as Republican, 83 percent of the time they also claimed to approve of the job that President Trump is doing. The respondents with the lowest approval ratings of Trump tended to identify as independent.

Also concerning is the dramatic differences in approval ratings of respondents when race is considered. White voters ring in as his top supporters, while minority groups and groups of lesser privilege are rightfully less than pleased with the job he is doing. Fifty-four percent of respondents who identified as white claim to approve of Trump, while only 32 percent of those who identified as Latinx approve, and a dismal 12 percent of people who identified as black approve of him.

The co-director of the Harvard-Harris poll, Mark Penn also noted the significance of the racial divide as well, identifying it as “extreme” when compared to regular data distributions:

‘There is an extreme racial divide on Trump approval as a majority of white voters approve of the job he has done while almost 9 in 10 blacks disapprove.’

What will be equally interesting is the data that comes out following Trump’s announcement to ban and eliminate transgender individuals from serving in the military in any capacity, and his latest train wreck attempt at dismantling ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act, despite resounding objection from health industry professionals and people on all sides of the political divide.

In terms of the issues, many believe that President Trump is doing a good to great job fighting terrorism and managing the economy. Apparently, they missed the announcement that Trump is bowing to Putin and is kyboshing the anti-Assad CIA program and how horribly he’s damaged the relationships the U.S. has with its allied nations in the Middle East and all over the world. They apparently have also bought into the statistics claiming improvements to the economy since Trump was sworn in, despite the fact that the majority of that growth is due to simple continued trajectory from the work Obama did while in office.
Americans ought to be thankful however for small mercies, as the poll also indicated that the majority of voters condemn his perspective and aggressive actions and rhetoric on immigration, foreign affairs and administering the government generally. It seems his temperament, tweets, and lack of experience is transparent even to voters who have blinders on for the above two areas of interest. A full 77 percent identified they believe he is intemperate.
Hilariously, only 41 percent have a favorable view of the president as a person. This means a full 3 percent of respondents may have awful politics, but they can identify a disgusting person when they see one. Moreover, 59 percent claim that Trump is on the wrong track.
Penn elaborated on these motives when he said:

‘People who support the president support his policies; people who think the administration is on the wrong track dislike his personal style and want him to tone it down.’

In terms of the ongoing investigation into the Trumps potentially colluding with the Russians, 44 percent of people claim there should be no action against Trump regarding this; 41 percent believe the information already mounted against the Trumps should lead to impeachment — a stark contrast indeed.

Regarding the recent Trump Jr., Kushner ‘adoption’ scandal, Americans are thoroughly divided and confused, it seems. 37 percent called the meeting and intent criminal, 33 percent claimed it was typical oppositional research and 30 percent categorized it as inappropriate but not criminal.

Clearly, many Americans still need a wake up call.

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