Reporter Hilariously Drops Notebook On Senator’s Head During Repeal Vote (VIDEO)


We’ve all had daydreams of smacking President Donald Trump in the forehead with our palms and stating, “Should have had a V8.” We promise, however, we would never do that, so no need for Secret Service. Additionally, how many times have we sat in a town hall meeting with our representatives and imagined the same exact thing? All we want is their attention, so they will hear what we have to say.

The constituents of South Carolina may have gotten some satisfaction last night after one reporter accidentally dropped her notebook, and it landed right on Republican junior Senator Tim Scott’s head.

A user on Twitter noticed it and tweeted out:

‘Uh, something just fell from the gallery and hit Sen. Scott on the head as he was talking to Sen. Sasse.’

Frank Thorp, a producer and off-air reporter for NBC News, then tweeted specifically what had happened along with video.

‘On the Senate floor, @SenatorTimScott gets hit by a reporters notebook that feel from the gallery above:’

So, whose notebook was it? The offender tweeted their confession admitting to accidentally dropping it from above, promising it wasn’t intentional.

‘I accidentally dropped my notebook. It’s been a long day. (I’m sorry @SenatorTimScott and @BenSasse. I wasn’t attacking u, I promise)

Byrd is a congressional reporter for The Independent Journal Review.

The incident happened during the late-night “Skinny Repeal” voting marathon that ended in the defeat of the “Skinny Bill” after Sens. John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins voted a resounding “NO.”

Users on Twitter reacted to the video.

‘And @cspan just talked about the rogue notebook by @byrdinator’

‘If you get Ted Cruz next time ill give you money’

‘The line from your bio though – “doesn’t make legislators cry”‘

‘This makes my night. Watching the GOP struggle all night to not!keep a 7-year promise is now worthwhile’

‘This is the funniest thing tonight.’

‘Feel free to report on how Senator Scott cracked a joke in reply whilst determined to kill millions of Americans with #SkinnyRepeal’

‘He now has a pre-existing condition and is uninsurable. Better vote no.’

‘so, that’s how you get my senators attention…’

Featured image by Sean Rayford/Getty Images.