BREAKING: Republican Senator Announces Law To Strip Trump Of Presidential Power


Fearing that Donald Trump was going to find a way to kill off the crucial investigation into his potential Russian ties, the country has been living with a gnawing uneasiness. Sure, the Senate and the House have their own hearings, but those do not carry many teeth. Senator Lindsey Graham said he had a way to prevent the president from pinching off the most serious probe into whether Trump helped Russia hand him the 2016 presidential election.

Graham said he will propose a law  that will stop Trump from being able to fire the special counselor Robert Mueller. He plans to use a 1990’s system form of checks and balances, he told America’s Newsroom:

‘I’m going to create a statute that would say any time a special counsel is impaneled to investigate the president or their team, a dismissal has to be reviewed by the courts.’

According to the senator, who is also an Air Force JAG attorney reservist, the president cannot let Mueller go, nor could any new attorney general. The current Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, due to his own participation in the Trump campaign. The South Carolina senator explained that the system was a “basic concept,” and he believed both Democrats and Republicans would support it. That way, no future president could fire a special counselor investigating him.

However, should Congress discover that Mueller has a conflict of interest, then that would be a different matter, the senator said on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom:

‘The idea that Mueller would be dismissed while investigating the president and his team is unacceptable unless there is cause. (It is) inappropriate” for Trump to draw any “red line” on what Mueller’s team can investigate.’

Additionally, Graham intends to ask Mueller to investigate possible collusion with Ukraine by the Democrats, plus the firm that ordered the dossier on Donald Trump, Fusion GPS. Republicans originally requested the dossier, but the senator did not say whether or not that was his intent. Upon seeing the dossier, alarmed Europeans forwarded the dossier to the FBI. Former FBI Director James Comey distributed the dossier to select Congress members.

Graham strongly disagreed with Trump haranguing Attorney General Sessions. While the senator does not expect the AG to resign, he told the president to knock off ” humiliating” the man on America’s Newsroom:

‘There will be holy hell to pay, if the president fires Jeff Sessions.’

Check out the video of Senator Graham in action below:

Featured Image via Getty Image/Chip Somodevilla.