CNN Fact-Checks Trump’s Obama Care Lies – Presidential Freak Out Imminent


Donald Trump was wrong about the ObamaCare (ACA/Affordable Care Act) numbers. He said that ObamaCare was self-destructing, leaving many states without any insurance carriers. That is patently false.

The president claimed that ObamaCare was “broken,” according to CNN:

‘Obamacare has been broken, it’s been a broken promise.’

In a dramatic turn of events, the Ohio Department of Insurance Director Jillian Froment just announced that five major Ohio health care insurers who left the federal exchange have restored health care in 19 Ohio counties. Earlier this year, 20 health care providers pulled out of the state.

At this point in time, there are only 19 counties in the entire nation without an insurance carrier, and the vast majority of those counties are in red states, primarily in Nevada and a few counties in Indiana.

Froment said in the release:

‘Knowing 20 counties might not have access to health insurance on the exchange in 2018, our team went to work with the companies to find a way through the challenge, and together we have identified a solution. Ohio has long had a strong insurance system and once again our insurers stepped up at an important time for thousands of Ohioans, taking unprecedented action to provide access to health insurance for Ohioans who otherwise were without options.’

Those insurers are: Buckeye Health Plan, CareSource, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Molina Health Care of Ohio, and Paramount Health Care. Ohio’s Health Department is working to get the 20th county’s coverage reinstated. Fremont said in the release:

‘There is more work to do as we try to secure coverage options in Paulding County while also making sure this plan can be finalized in the fall. We will continue working with the industry, but those efforts are heavily dependent on market stability and clarity from Washington. We encourage Congress to work on ways to stabilize our health insurance markets.’

Senior Policy Correspondent for voxdotcom Sarah Kliff released the updated ObamaCare map below. It shows in yellow the counties without carriers. That leaves 19 counties without an insurance carrier.

This is the map that the conservatives used to create an emotional response in Americans:

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Source: The Heritage Foundation.


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