10th Circuit Court Of Appeals Deals Major Voter Fraud/Deposition Blow (DETAILS)


Voter suppression is one of the Republican Party’s favorite tactics for winning elections. They’ve been using it as one of their tricks for ages, and even as we’ve fought to progress forward, they continue to push back… especially with a president who thinks the candidate who won the popular vote bussed in thousands of illegals to pad her voting results.

However, the GOP was dealt a blow Wednesday, after two judges ruled Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach could not weasel his way out of a deposition on Thursday regarding a lawsuit targeting a Kansas law that requires voters to provide proof of citizenship when registering. That deposition, though closed to the public, would mean Kobach would testify under oath.

POLITICO reported:

‘The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals offered no detailed reason for rejecting Kobach’s plea but simply said his arguments did not meet the court’s standards.’

Indeed, that’s exactly what the order said.

‘We conclude that Mr. Kobach has not made the necessary showing to obtain a stay pending appeal.

‘The emergency motion for a stay pending appeal is denied.’

In the order, it listed the burden of proof that would be required to obtain a stay. It read:

‘To obtain a stay pending appeal, Mr. Kobach must demonstrate that this court has jurisdiction over his interlocutory appeal of the discovery order and that (1) he is likely to succeed on the merits of his appeal; (2) he will suffer irreparable harm if a stay is not granted; (3) the plaintiffs, who are taking the deposition, will not be harmed by a stay; and (4) a stay is in the public interest.’

He must not have had a very convincing argument, as the court only took five hours to deny his motion.

This was not the first time Kobach has been denied by federal court judges. Back in May, he filed an appeal in an attempt to keep from having to hand over documents related to a meeting he had with Trump in November of last year. His reasoning behind the appeal was that the document in question was “protected by Trump’s executive privilege.”

The court denied the appeal after they judged that, as Trump was only the president-elect at that time, he was not protected by executive privilege.

Furthermore, he was fined back in June for making “patently misleading representations to the court” about the memo in question.

Although he’s currently the Secretary of State in Kansas, he is also seeking to grab the GOP nomination for the governor race in Kansas in 2018. Furthermore, he serves as the vice chairman of the ridiculous commission Trump put together to find some sort of elusive proof to back up Trump’s statements that three to five million illegals voted, and that’s why he lost the popular vote.

The memo in question was discovered in an Associated Press photograph, taken when Kobach was walking in to meet Trump. That document was labeled as a “strategic plan for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.” The ACLU took interest in the document, as the photograph showed it had some information related to voting rolls. Furthermore, the fact that Kobach has fought so hard to prevent the release of the document and having to testify about it has raised concerns among the ACLU, who filed the lawsuit against the state of Kansas. They commented:

‘When somebody fights this hard to keep documents away from us, it leads us to believe there’s something there and we need to see it.’

Neither Kobach nor his spokesperson have issued any statements.

Featured image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.