House Judiciary Committee Rep. Goes On A Much Deserved Rampage (VIDEO)


In a most glorious moment in the House Judiciary Committee sessions, Democratic Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen really let the Republicans have it.

Apparently, he too, was fed up with Republican Representatives deflecting questions on the actions of the Trump administration and trying to continually drag Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama through the ringer. As a result, Americans had their voices heard as he echoed what the majority of the country is thinking regarding Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

He opened with:

‘Justice has left the room. Common sense has left the room… To take a question concerning the firing of James Comey and turn it into a question about Hillary Clinton — this is unbelievable sir.’

And it just got more and more heated from there, as he highlighted the need for all sides of the political spectrum to be bipartisan and “united” against Russia having anything to do with American politics, never mind something as significant as the presidential election.

‘There’s a big, big difference between Obama getting involved in the election, a partisan election, and helping somebody who was part of his administration run for office and the Russians and Putin getting involved.’

By this point, Cohen is nearly spitting with anger. His rage-filled face was thoroughly flushed and as he said Putin’s name you could hear so clearly, the amount that he despises the man and his oppressive and disturbing actions in Russia.

‘Y’all get it totally wrong. When Americans get involved in the election, it’s okay. When Russia gets involved, we need to be united and be against that. Russia and Putin have no business being involved… in our elections, never have… We need to get answers…’

The best part of the video footage by far is when Representative Cohen is asked if he will yield, as he is seen quite literally snapping back with a firm, “no sir, I will not.” It is at this moment that most of us probably wanted to get up out of our seats and cheer. America finally has more and more politicians willing to put their feet down and stand up for this nation and its people.

As if emboldened by their attempts to silence him, Cohen then utters the most applause-worthy statement of his speech thus far, asserting:

‘There is something afoul in the White House when the President of the United States goes up to Putin and says, “I’m honored to meet you.” He is a thug… Once KGB, always KGB, and you’re not “honored” to meet the man who was the KGB and still is the KGB and who murders his opponents and gets them wiped out, puts them in jail so that they are not eligible to run against him.’

While on this rampage, members can be heard again trying to get the man to yield and thankfully he did not. He acknowledged their attempts to make him yield sternly and with a kind of scalpel precision that was absolutely beautiful to watch. It is exactly these kinds of statements that it will take on a near-continual basis to get Republicans to wake up and put a stop to the disturbing actions of President Trump and his administration. His perspective on Putin could not be more accurate, and nor could it have been more concise to explain exactly where his fury comes from having been witness to the president’s totally backwards perspective on Putin.

In an equally well-constructed conclusion, Cohen is every one of us when he said:

‘[Trump] doesn’t know the swamp. He is the swamp and the fact is, this country’s being run into the ground.’

This speech was so well executed, it truly is worth the watch. Check out the full video below:

Feature Image via Getty Images.