Punk Musician Barred From Entering U.S. After He Openly Bashed Trump (DETAILS)


The Trump administration is really taking their commitment to keeping out “undesirables” too far — again. Their immigration policies are little else besides arbitrary shaping of American society to make it more to the liking of the white conservatives that make up Trump’s base.

The lead singer of a British punk rock band was reportedly barred from entering the United States late last week because of mocking President Donald Trump.

Yes, you read that correctly. In a move reminiscent of overseas dictatorships, Peter Bywaters was accosted upon disembarking his plane in California, held for six hours, interrogated about some anti-Trump elements of some his band’s recent overseas performances, and forced back on a plane to Britain.

What are we coming to in America thanks to Trump?

Bywaters, speaking to Team Rock, described the situation as follows:

‘I had only been there 30 seconds when the customs and border control guard swung his screen round and said: ‘Is this you?’ There in full view was a video from last year’s German tour with me dressed as Donald Trump smoking a fake joint. From there it all went down hill. Six hours later I was forcibly escorted to my seat on the plane.’

His band went on with their Punk Invasion Festival performance thanks to the services of some guest vocalists, but Bywaters says that “a US tour or festival will never ever happen again!”

The Trump administration has obviously come under intense scrutiny time and time again for the immigration policies that have been implemented. For instance, in a move completely devoid of any supportive facts, Trump has worked hard to institute a supposedly necessary ban on travelers from certain Muslim-majority countries. Trump, determined to cultivate the dark underside of America’s law enforcement, has also given the green light to immigration authorities for them to ramp up raids on undocumented people.

For Bywaters to have been deported is a stunning new development in American immigration policy under the Trump administration, pitting us not only against minorities but against free speech as well.

Bywaters, for his part, is undeterred in his criticism of the U.S. President, quipping:

‘I expect to still be the singer of Peter & The Test Tube Babies by the end of the year. Will Trump still be president by the end of the summer?’

A video of a Peter & The Test Tube Babies performance featuring Bywaters mockingly dressed as Trump is featured below.

A Facebook post from the band about the incident is below.

Due to President Trump's new regime, a wall has been built across the Atlantic and denied Peter access to the US. So…

Posted by Peter And The Test Tube Babies on Saturday, July 29, 2017

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