BREAKING: President Trump Now Under Grand Jury Investigation ( DETAILS)


Robert Mueller has had his hands full with President Trump Russia investigation case that the whole world can feel the weight of his burden. Now, Mueller has enlisted a grand jury to join the investigation, lending the notion that it has taken a serious turn for Trump’s worst.

According to Huffington Post:

“The report follows Mueller stepping up the probe by hiring several high-powered lawyers. Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Greg Andres, a former Justice Department attorney who specialized in corruption and bribery cases, joined the investigation. Mueller’s probe is one of several government investigations into possible collusion. In addition, it is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice.”

The probe that Trump calls a “witch-hunt” is nowhere near complete, and now that it has intensified greatly, there will certainly be some outlandish behavior from Trump in the very near future.

Reports indicate the investigation has taken a financial turn with Trump’s monetary actions with Russia coming into play. The question really is, what did Mueller find out that requires a grand jury investigation?

According to NY Post:

“Federal prosecutors had already been using at least one other grand jury, located in Alexandria, Va., as part of their investigation of Michael Flynn, a Trump campaign supporter and his ousted national security adviser. That probe, which has also been taken over by Mueller’s prosecutors, was probing Flynn’s work as a private citizen for foreign interests.”

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