JUST IN: Trump Busted Working With GOP Reps To Strip U.S. States Of Medicare


“I’ve been saying for a long time, let ObamaCare fail,” aren’t the words of someone who watched the Affordable Care Act be repealed and replaced by a better health care bill, or any health care law for that matter. Those are the words of Donald Trump shortly after his GOP-led efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act failed and Republicans had to concede that they’d let their base down onĀ the biggest issue on which Donald Trump, and others, campaigned.

In its full context, Trump says:

‘I’ve been saying for a long time, let ObamaCare fail, and then everybody is gonna have to come together to fix it and come up with a new plan and a plan that’s really good for the people. I’ve been saying that for a long time. If you let ObamaCare fail, it’ll [sic] be a lot easier.’

In his own words, Donald Trump makes it abundantly clear that his intentions have never been to simply create a better health care plan. Naturally, that would be the logical and reasonable way to go about replacing one important law with another. No, Donald TrumpĀ has always wanted the Affordable Care Act to fail.

While there are many problems with this thought process, the biggest is that, while Trump and like-minded Republicans are allowing the existing law to tank, the people who rely on it are suffering. Via ways like charging recipients, raising premiums, and implementing drug testing, Republican-governed states like Kentucky, Maine, and Arizona are going above and beyond to ensure that the Affordable Care Act gets the push it needs to fail.

Unfortunately, those who push back and these cruel tactics are facing harsh and unexpected consequences. In fact, a University of Kentucky professor cites his open objection to Gov. Matt Bevin’s (R) support of exclusionary tactics as the reason he was terminated from his position at the school.

Donald Trump and his Republican flunkies really will stop at nothing to hurt America’s most vulnerable people and push their greedy and selfish so-called health care agenda forward.

Donald Trump shows just how personal his efforts are to watch millions of Americans suffer simply so he can say that the Affordable Care Act is no more, below:

Featured Image via Getty/Pacific Press/Contributor