Trump Announces 17-Day Summer Vacation That Has Americans Ready To Fight


Donald Trump hasn’t done much of anything in the six months he’s been president, but it’s still way more work than he’s used to doing. Trump is used to sitting at his golden desk and barking orders at the people who work for him, including Melania. He’s never had to do anything but boss people around, and he has never been challenged (other than mentally) in his entire privileged life.

So, when it was announced he leaving Friday for a 2.5 week getaway to his private golf club in New Jersey, the world collectively laughed. Not only has be been a useless president, but even if he had been working his ass off, a vacation this early into his first term is a joke.

According to Associate Press:

“The president is getting ready to join the annual August exodus from this town he calls “the swamp.” Trump is due to set out Friday on his first extended vacation from Washington since the inauguration — a 17-day getaway to his private golf club in central New Jersey.”

Reports indicate that the trip may be out of “necessity,” due to the replacement of the White House’s nearly 30-year old heating and cooling system, but that is certainly not a 17-day project, and therefore no excuse for this extended trip.

The White House is already be on the defensive about this one, leaving press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to scramble for answers when approached by reporters. On Tuesday, she said:

“We’ll continue to keep you guys updated on his August schedule as those details are finalized.”

In 2004, Trump sat with Larry King for a candid interview in which he said this about vacationing:

“Most of the people I know that are successful really don’t take vacations. Their business is their vacation. I rarely leave. You know that. You and I are friends. How often do you see me going away?”

If Trump believes that people are in the wrong job if they need vacations, does that say his job as commander-in-chief has become too much for him to bear? Too much to the point that he needs a very long vacation just 24 weeks into his presidency?