Deputy AG Rosenstein Mocks Trump With Hilarious Painting In His Office (DETAILS)


Trump has had a tumultuous relationship with the Department of Justice, and the growing tension between America’s president and those in charge at the DoJ is putting many on edge, including those who work for the Department of Justice.

According to over two dozen Justice Department officials, both current and former, some career prosecutors and senior officials are extra anxious, as the president not only has resorted to personal attacks against those within the department he agrees with but also broader attacks, mainly about how the department chooses to conduct business.

Rosenstein has been working with Sessions to compile a group of candidates to fill the roles of the 46 United States Attorneys the president forced out in the spring. According to others, these gaps in the DoJ have made it so that certain divisions are functioning on auto-pilot.

The department as a whole carries on, working to fulfill the administration’s agenda, but not all officials have put on their blinders, as they still know that it is their place to protect previously established norms for the government.

During an interview with the New York Times, Rosenstein chose to show off the art work adorning the walls of his conference room at the Justice Department. Among all the art work is a portrait of Edward H. Levi, who was appointed Attorney General by President Ford in 1975, shortly after the department suffered a blow to their credibility at the hands of President Nixon. Nixon’s firing of the Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, led to a series of resignations in October 1973 and became known as the “Saturday Night Massacre.”

‘That right there, that’s the post-Watergate A.G.,” said Rosenstein, gesturing to the photo.

Surely it is the hope of Rosenstein that the Department of Justice can flourish once again, after America’s flaming dumpster of a president is out of office, the same way that it did after Nixon was no longer president.

Featured Image via Getty Images