Trump Flies Into Pre-Dawn Twitter Meltdown About His Greatness Like A Lonely Loser


President Trump was burning up Twitter early this morning with a series of posts about his rally in West Virginia last night, and more manufacturing jobs coming to the U.S. As usual, he was talking malarkey and saying things to distract from the total and utter mess of the country. Anything to inflate the Trump ego though!

He tweets:

Seriously? What Democrat would become a Republican while our country is living this nightmare unless it’s to fight Trump from within?

Then, he had the audacity to post this map, thinking it will make him look good amidst the grand jury issuing subpoenas yesterday concerning his son’s Russian lawyer meeting.

Then, he went on in a pathetic attempt to inflate everyone’s hopes that there will be manufacturing jobs soon. He is desperate for recognition at this point.

Some people were quick to respond back to his inane tweets.

Lastly, he followed up all of the other early morning tweets with one of his biggest lies ever!

How hypocritical considering how many products the Trump family has sent to be manufactured outside the U.S. The Washington Post delivered a telling article before the election even happened, detailing where Trump products have gone. Many people see through the hogwash. How long until the GOP will fix it?

Featured image is by Justin Merriman/Getty Images.