Images Leaked From Trump’s ‘Non-Vacation’; His Lies Have Been Exposed (IMAGES)


Donald Trump loves to golf, so much in fact that during the short amount of time he has been President of the United States, he has gone golfing forty-three times. Through the Trump Organizations, Trump owns 17 different golf courses, in locations across the globe. All that being said, would you believe the president is going to a golf course, and isn’t planning to golf?

That is what the president would like you to believe. President Trump claims that the 17-day trip to his golf club in New Jersey is “not a vacation.”

While a White House official did say that over the next few weeks the president has meetings planned with his advisers, as well as other members of congress, it is unclear what else he has on the go to fill up his 17 days in New Jersey.

Trump was caught red-handed enjoying some leisure time at his golf club, as he was filmed greeting wedding guests at the golf club. The president was also caught in a golf-cart containing golf clubs, in golfing attire. Please President Trump, explain to us what sort of business you’re conducting, because it sure looks like a vacation from where we are standing.

With the amount of times Donald Trump had criticized Obama in the past for taking vacations during his time as president, it is not surprising that people are calling him out, especially on Twitter.

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