Trump Just Posted A Fake News Article Online & All Hell Is Breaking Loose


Donald J. Trump is self-absorbed and delusional. When things go wrong, it’s almost always President Obama’s fault, this, despite the fact that President Obama hasn’t been in office in months. However, when things go well, it’s always because of something Donald Trump has done. This is true when the credit really goes to President Obama because, say, the fiscal year doesn’t end until September 30th; such is the case with Trump’s claims that he boosted the job market and economy.

It’s in the vein of taking credit for things that aren’t really happening or that the Obama administration set the tone for and the general hypocrisy of Donald Trump’s accusations about the media and “fake news,” that there are problems with Trump’s latest tweet regarding ISIS. He posted:

Among the many issues with that tweet is the fact that there is no evidence to substantiate Trump’s claims. In fact, even his usual fashion of tweet-storming “fake news” didn’t come with this assertion, which is a strong indicator that he is likely sitting on vacation thinking about things he wishes were taking place because of his actions and/or what is really being said in the story. The other problem with Trump’s tweet is the fact that he tweeted a link for the Washington Post, a respected journalistic entity that he has repeatedly touted as “fake news” when the paper prints stories Trump deems as unfavorable.

Therefore, it didn’t take long for the social media world to drag Trump back to reality from the made-up fantasy dreamland in which he must have been dwelling when he tweeted that message:

This latest tweet by Trump is yet another sad reminder that one of the biggest problems with the brand of toxic white masculinity that he has ushered in is that it also normalizes playing both sides, but having not accountability, and changing the rules of the game as the game is being played. Either The Post is fake news or it’s not. Either President Obama’s work was good for Americans or it wasn’t. It can’t go both ways simply based on what’s working for Trump at a given moment.

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Wilson/Staff