Demographics & Location Of Trump Grand Jury Announced; He Is Not Going To Like It


Earlier this week, sources involved in the special investigation into possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia revealed that special counsel Robert Mueller has upped the ante by impaneling a grand jury. This action by Mueller suggests that he and his team have unearthed serious, potentially incriminating information about Trump and members of his campaign and will not be wrapping the investigation up anytime soon.

Law Professor David Levine of UC Hastings College of Law said shortly after the news broke that the White House should be concerned by Meuller’s latest move.

‘I would be concerned that the investigation has gone up another notch or appears to have gone up another notch. In short order, probably people who are in the administration or former members of the administration or former members of the campaign will be getting subpoenas to testify and provide documents.’

In and of itself, the impaneling of a grand jury was bad news for Trump and his team. However, the grand jury’s location — Washington, D.C. — makes things even worse for the president.

According to legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, the jury’s location “gives the prosecutor a tremendous tactical advantage.”

Dershowitz explained to WABC Radio host Rita Cosby on Friday:

‘It gives the prosecutor a tremendous tactical advantage… the case now can be brought not in Northern Virginia, which is a swing area, sometimes Democrat, sometimes Republican… but the District of Columbia, which is always solidly Democratic and has an ethnic and racial composition that might be very unfavorable to the Trump Administration, so I see the significance not so much that he impaneled the grand jury — you have to impanel the grand jury to get subpoena power — but where he impaneled it.’

Dershowitz went on to call this a “tactical move.”

‘I think it’s a tactical move designed to send a message that if the prosecutor decides to prosecute, he will have a real advantage with the jury pool where the case will be held, provided there is jurisdiction in the District of Columbia, and there would be generally jurisdiction almost anywhere.’

Trump made enemies of many non-white Americans throughout his campaign with his xenophobic, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and things didn’t get better after he won the election and filled his cabinet with well-known white nationalists. He’s definitely going to be at a disadvantage if he ends up in front of an ethnically diverse, primarily Democratic jury.

Listen to a portion of Cosby’s interview with Dershowitz below, courtesy of 77WABC Radio on audioBoom.

Featured image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images.