Chelsea Clinton Wakes Up & Goes For Trump’s Throat; She Is Done Holding Back


The nurse walked into the room of the elderly pioneer executive business woman and found her cowering in bed with a huge black eye. This patient knew about taking responsibility for her health care and rang for the nurse fairly often, but not this day. Chelsea Clinton is standing up for residents like her in an early morning tweet.

The daughter of President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton wrote frankly:

‘Just when I’d thought my cynicism had reached its limits…’

When the nurse Barbara Christie Mansfield went to the woman’s nursing home room to check on her, to find out why she had not rung, the woman said:

‘I won’t ring any more. I won’t!’

Mansfield found out that a nurse on an earlier shift had hit the woman because he did not want to bother going to her room. The nurse also tried to find out who owned the nursing home but hit a roadblock at an out-of-state group of businesses. These businesses refuse to staff adequately and pay far too little, all in the name of profit. Mansfield said:

‘Yes, the government checks on nursing homes, but they notify the homes in advance, and no one comes in the middle of the night. That is when much of the abuse happens.’

Now, Donald Trump has stooped to the lowest of lows, ripping from nursing home residents and their families their right to sue the owners for sexual or physical abuse and neglect:

‘Just yesterday an Ohioan reached out….because his wife had been abused in a nursing home.’

Rightly, the voters called Trump to task for his “heart-wrenching” callousness in a rash of powerful tweets:

That is very cruel. Enough that many elders are mistreated, now they are supposed to just take it!

One can only hope Trump ends up in one of these nursing homes, too.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Justin Merriman.