Trump Just Made The Stupidest Climate Change Announcement Humanly Possible


Donald Trump’s almost daily Twitter rants and asinine proclamations during public appearances have caused him to make the U.S. the laughingstock of the world. Gone are the days of America being seen as a world leader that is looked upon for guidance, leadership, and wisdom where pressing global matters are concerned.

The reality that the U.S. has lost prominence became most clear in the days after Trump declared that he would be withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. A devastating blow to others heads of state, Trump’s decision sent shock waves throughout the world and set the tone for many leaders to openly and harshly dissent. Even more embarrassing, Trump wasn’t exactly honest as he justified his reasons for pulling out of the agreement and he ignorantly declared that he represents the people of “Pittsburgh, not Paris” as if Pittsburgh doesn’t share the Earth with Paris.

Now it appears that in their ongoing efforts to minimize the importance of reducing greenhouse gases and preserving the Earth’s resources, as well as naming the consequences of not doing so, the Trump administration is dumbing down the term previously given to what happens when the climate of a given area changes because of environmental reasons. Instead of calling a change in climate, “climate change,” the Trump administration via the U.S. Department of Agriculture has directed employees to being using the term “weather extremes.”

“Weather extremes” just sounds better, even fun, right? After all, Americans are often known for doing things in extreme fashion — extreme sports is even a thing with Americans, so naturally, Trump supporters would get behind a name change that’s associated with something fun.

Less permanent and serious sounding, “weather extremes” does allow the Trump administration to belittle the work of scientists who have boldly called out Trump on his dangerously dismissive approach to dealing with the environment. Unfortunately, climate change isn’t the only term the Trump administration is requiring USDA staff to get away from using. “Climate change adaption, reduce greenhouse gases,” and “sequester carbon” are also being replaced. Trump would like the words “resilience to weather extremes,” “build soil organic matter,” and “increase nutrient use efficiency,” respectively, used instead.

The Center for Biological Diversity is also pushing back pretty hard on the Trump administration. Along with suing several federal agencies, including the EPA, The Center’s Open Government Attorney, Meg Townsend, had some pretty harsh words for Trump. She argued:

‘These records reveal Trump’s active censorship of science in the name of his political agenda. To think that federal agency staff who report about the air, water and soil that sustains the health of our nation must conform their reporting with the Trump administration’s anti-science rhetoric is appalling and dangerous for America and the greater global community.’

The Trump administration’s latest ploy to delete the environment as an important issue, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Trump also hasn’t shown the capacity to treat racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and many other societal problems as matters of importance.

A CBS News report that outlines how the Trump administration’s environmental policies will take America backwards, may be viewed below:

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