Trump Woke Up At Dawn & Flew Into An Unhinged 9-Tweet Mental Breakdown Like A Maniac


Donald Trump, while on a 17-day vacation at his New Jersey golf resort that he insists isn’t a vacation, seemed to be in Monday morning meltdown mode, which he (of course) vented over on Twitter. While he insists he’s that he’s working from his resort while White House renovations no one heard about until the media reported that the president was on yet another vacation are completed, the president seems to be spending most of his time there on social media.

Trump’s die-hard supporters may never be convinced that their president is an inept, dishonest, sham of a president, but Trump’s “base” is not, in fact, “stronger than ever.” Trump’s approval rating in his favorite, most right-leaning Rasmussen poll is only 39 percent, a historic low for just six months into a first term.

While those die-hard supporters in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, and West Virginia may still show up for Trump’s rallies – because he’s still doing those six months after the campaigns have ended – no president has had a lower approval rating or a higher disapproval rating, not even Gerald Ford after pardoning Nixon.

Trump’s endless attacks on the media, and anyone else he can point to and call a liar, are laughable in their absurdity. The New York Times has never apologized for reporting campaign poll numbers accurately. Senator Richard Blumenthal absolutely was misleading about his military service during Vietnam, but Trump’s “never in U.S. history has anyone lied or defrauded voters” claim is outrageous coming from a man whose hundreds of lies since taking office filled an entire front page of the Times.

Twitter called Trump out on those statements in full force.

Featured image via Getty/The Washington Post