Anne Frank Center Issues Trump/Hitler Warning For America So Logical It’s Terrifying


President Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric have raised a lot of concerns from both sides of the political spectrum. Even those who might agree with some of Trump’s goals, such as reducing illegal immigration, have questioned his rhetoric and willingness to ignore political norms when it suits him. Now another organization, not affiliated with either political party, has spoken out against many of Trump’s efforts.

In a tweet, the Anne Frank Center called the Trump administration out for several “alarming parallels of history.”

Obviously, no one is saying that Trump will be the next Adolf Hitler or anything of that nature. However, he is taking some dangerous steps to consolidate his power that should worry people of all political persuasions. For starters, even before he was elected, Trump has waged a war against the press, whom he frequently accuses of biased reporting that depicts him in a negative light. Recently, however, he took things a step further and established a news organization on Facebook to get his message out to the American people. While press briefings and the like are one thing, a president creating a news outlet designed to cater to him is something else entirely.

Another issue that the Anne Frank Center pointed out was Trump’s policies of discrimination towards those who are different. In particular, Trump has focused a large part of his attention on policies that make it harder for Muslims to enter the United States. His so-called “Muslim ban” is currently slated to go before the Supreme Court. In addition to anti-Muslim policies, Trump has also targeted members of the Hispanic community. While allegedly focused on combating illegal immigration, Trump’s agenda has created an environment where it is becoming more acceptable to discriminate against people of Hispanic heritage regardless of how or when they entered this country.

As part of his “tough on crime” rhetoric, Trump has even gone so far as to encourage policy brutality against suspects. Thankfully, many police departments have spoken out against the president’s advice though the fact that they have to is a bit troubling.

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