JUST IN: Trump Tweets Anonymous Leaks – Suddenly Forgets He Hates Leakers


President Donald Trump is certainly a lunatic, but it cannot be denied that Americans are better off with Trump than Kim Jong-un. That said, Trump is treading on thin waters with North Korea and if he isn’t stopped, we’ll all be rushing into World War 3 before we know it.

North Korea is a horrifying place by all standards. Former citizens describe the conditions as beyond oppressive and impoverished. The dictatorial rule of the profoundly unstable Kim Jong-un is an absolute travesty, but should that mean American soldiers ought to rush off to war, over Trump’s twitter?

President Donald Trump, the genius he is, re-tweeted a story from — you guessed it, Fox & Friends this morning claiming that “US spy satellites detect North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to patrol boat.” Given that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson put N. Korea on notice a few days ago demanding they stop moving anti-ship missiles — this is not to be taken lightly. America knows how fond Donald Trump is of alternative facts and touting fake news when it suits his purposes and the reputation of his administration, while blasting media outlets willing to speak the truth. But this is a dangerous new low:

‘U.S. spy satellites detect North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to patrol boat’

The facts are this: President Donald Trump told Americans not to believe stories unless they have named sources with appropriate credentials for the topic. Yet, he re-tweets information from the Fox network all the time where the information is from “anonymous” sources. This story is no different.

Sadly, the impact of re-tweeting this story and touting it as fact is so much more severe than anything that’s been seen from this administration thus far. It means that if it proved to be false, President Trump has just got the U.S.A. in a world of trouble. Perhaps worse, if it proves to be true, Donald Trump willingly and knowingly shared leaked classified U.S. intelligence intel.

The report, by Lucas Tomlinson, claimed:

‘North Korea loaded two Stormpetrel anti-ship cruise missiles on a Wonsan guided-missile patrol boat at Toejo Dong on North Korea’s east coast. It was the first time these anti-ship cruise missiles have been loaded on this type of platform since 2014, US officials with knowledge of the latest intelligence in the region tell Fox News.
‘”North Korea is not showing any evidence it plans to halt its missile tests,” said one official who requested animosity to discuss sensitive information.  “It’s a trend that does not bode well for hopes of de-escalating tensions on the [Korean] peninsula.”’

President Donald Trump also tweeted his own message following this onslaught of information, writing:

‘After many years of failure, countries are coming together to finally address the dangers posed by North Korea. We must be tough & decisive!’

What exactly is “decisive” about perpetuating unconfirmed reports of aggressive actions by North Korea? What does that do even aside from scare and/or alienate Americans and make you look like an extremely incompetent rat to our allied nations? Which of our allies is going to share information with us knowing our commander-in-chief is a buffoon who shares stories which may be the result of leaks of classified U.S. intelligence information!?

And, since Trump retweeted the story, Americans are left to assume this little tidbit from within it is also true:

‘The latest moves by Pyongyang point to a likely missile test in the days ahead or it could be a defense measure should the U.S. Navy dispatch more warships to the Korean peninsula, officials said.’

This news comes right on the tails of the U.N. Security Council’s landmark unanimous decision to impose strict sanctions on North Korea as a result of their recent aggressive actions.

Feature Image via Twitter.