Stephen Miller Makes Complete Fool Of Himself On Fox News & It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)


As the months of the Trump Administration drag on, one thing becomes abundantly clear — nobody in the White House has any idea what they are doing. The president doesn’t know what he’s doing, his advisers don’t know what they’re doing, and few, if any of the members of his Cabinet know what they’re doing either.

On Tuesday, top Trump adviser and noted racist ideologue Stephen Miller appeared on Fox News. Just that sentence alone is surely enough to make plenty of us cringe, but it gets worse.

As a part of the Trump Administration’s overall desperation to find anything they can point to as an “accomplishment,” Miller made the following remarkable claim about Donald Trump:

‘President Trump’s the most gifted politician of our time, and he’s the best orator to hold that office in generations.’

Can you say that with a straight face, Stephen? Alternatively, perhaps your mind has completely detached itself from reality?

There are a lot of claims that one can make about President Trump, but claiming that he is a “gifted orator” requires a special kind of disconnect from reality. Trump is literally renowned for his lack of oratory skills. He regularly fires off barely comprehensible Twitter rants, and in interviews, he’s been known to wander off down verbal rabbit trails that betray his deep ignorance as to the basic requirements associated with the office of the presidency.

What Trump does is not oratory. What he does is employ classic manipulative techniques to gain and keep control of his followers.

As for Miller’s claim that Trump is a “gifted politician,” the man literally has absolutely zero major legislative accomplishments to show for his first six months in office. That’s not the mark of a “gifted politician.”

Adding some attempt at an explanation for his remarks, Miller added Tuesday on Fox News:

‘We’re going to take the message out to the people… He is the leader of this nationwide and worldwide populist movement, and it’s about uplifting working class people — black, Hispanic, white, all backgrounds.’

Miller probably thinks that he sounds smart.

Watch video of his remarks below.

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