Trump Tweets About Deadly U.S. Opioid Pandemic Like An Attention-Hungry Child


Early this morning, President Trump tweeted out what seems to be a very contradictory statement in nature about opioid addiction. After Fox and Friends tweeted about the nationwide opioid crisis, of course the president had to follow up on the “news” he received from his favorite network.

Fox and Friends tweet:

Trump’s tweet:

However, what Trump doesn’t realize is that totally contradicts what was set forth in his Trumpcare bill. Trumpcare actually proposed cuts that would drastically affect treatment for those with opioid addiction issues.

After all of this, Trump’s statement made some people quite angry on Twitter.

People are angry about opioid addiction because it affects so many in the U.S. – friends, family, it’s so rampant that the in the majority of cases, people know someone who is or has struggled with it, and for Trump to say he wants to do something about it now is preposterous. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that 91 Americans die each day from opioid overdose.

According to ABC News:

‘The American Society of Addiction Medicine released a statement addressed to congressional members in March that pointed out that changes to Medicaid could mean fewer people get help for addiction.

The officials at ASAM said that “rolling back the Medicaid expansion and fundamentally changing Medicaid’s financing structure” to per capita cap “will certainly reduce access to evidence-based addiction treatment and reverse much or all progress made on the opioid crisis last year.”‘

Featured image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images.