Trump’s FCC Chairman Changing Laws To Infiltrate Local Media With Propaganda


Donald Trump is two-faced when it comes to the media. When their coverage of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal that didn’t exist, propelled Trump to an Electoral College victory, they were displaying diligence in doing their jobs. However, as the plethora of stories around Trump’s alleged collusion with Russian government officials started to be investigated and reported on, Trump got angry and bitter and reverted back to his old ways of lashing out at the press.

Now things have gotten so bad with the Trump administration and the media that he can’t always count on Fox News to report the wayward Trump agenda. Breitbart has never really been considered respectable, and Alex Jones’ InfoWars is a tweet, YouTube video, or other report away from being involuntarily committed for mental health treatment.

Trump truly has no major media friends he can count on. No one except for Sinclair Broadcasting. The extreme alt-right’s rising star, Sinclair’s message is notorious for being synonymous with Trump’s divisive, hateful, misleading, and dishonest propaganda. So what would one expect Donald Trump to do in a situation whereby Sinclair is all he has in the way of sharing information the way he wants to? Give them federal favors, of course.

Trump’s ultra conservative FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, gave life to a convenient loophole that will allow Sinclair to buy 42 stations from Tribune Media. Under normal non-Trump aided circumstances laws that prevent media entities from owning more outlets than regulations allow, would’ve prevented Sinclair’s acquisition of Tribune, but thanks to Trump, laws don’t matter and Sinclair will be able to buy those 42 stations and expand as they wish.

As a result of the purchase, Sinclair’s reach will expand to a whopping 72 percent of American homes. Even more disappointing, this expansion is more than twice that which Congress has set as the limit (39 percent).

Naturally, representatives from Sinclair and the Trump administration claim no special favors have been given. However, because the days of digital television are gone, the quality gap that once existed when the loophole was created, the need for it is also gone. Gone, unless you’re Donald Trump and you need to create a platform for your tainted message to be spread.

Sinclair’s deal and the Trump administration’s role in enabling the transaction, is explained in simple terms, below:

Featured Image via Getty/Bloomberg/Contributor.