U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Just Responded To Trump’s Tuesday Leaks Like A Boss


It is well known that President Trump abhors leaks about him and his administration. In fact, his “beleaguered” attorney general Jeff Sessions has made leaks, even unclassified leaks that aren’t really leaks, a specific focus.

Now, the Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is lashing out against President Trump regarding a recent Fox News story that aired on Tuesday morning about North Korea missiles. Haley called it “incredibly dangerous” that it had been reported.

Trump retweeted this article from Fox, and it had Haley quite concerned about the amount of classified information that was leaked through the article.

‘U.S. spy satellites detect North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to patrol boat.’

Even though it wasn’t completely clear whether Haley knew Trump had posted the article, she told Fox and Friends:

‘I can’t talk about anything that’s classified, and if that’s in the newspaper then that’s a shame.’

The Fox story used anonymous sources so it was unclear where the information was coming from, however leaks of this magnitude are serious, and pose a great danger to the country. When Haley was asked if it was “a leak,” she said:

‘It’s one of those things I don’t know what’s going on.’

However, Haley went on in to say “the leaks have got to stop.” She said:

‘I don’t know what’s going on, but I will tell you it’s incredibly dangerous when things get out to the press like that. You’re not only just getting a scoop on something, but you’re playing with people’s lives. Wherever the leaks are coming from, if someone thinks they’re getting power and fame from it, all you’re doing is putting Americans in danger.’

This leak of information comes at a time when Jeff Sessions warned last week that the Department of Justice would be reviewing it’s subpoena policy in regards to leaks of classified information.

As evident in her statements, Haley seems to have the well-being of the American people in mind whereas it stands that even The President of The United States doesn’t give two cents about the safety of his people.

Watch Haley’s interview in the clip below, available via YouTube:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.