Dems Deliver Major Upset In Iowa Special Election For State Representative (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is hurting special elections, and Republicans are up in arms over an election that rapidly moved the popular vote to the Democratic column. Traditionally, the party in power during the presidential election flips to the other side. The mid-term elections after President Barack Obama first won the White House went overwhelmingly Republican. In spite of the Republicans’ outrageous gerrymandering, people across the country have begun to express serious alarm about Trump, and that came out loud and clear in Iowa voting booths.

The Hawkeye State has been a hard red state, and Republicans in Des Moines have run the state accordingly. They ran roughshod over Democrats, changing collective bargaining and workplace injury laws, among others. Yet, voters reshaped all of that in Tuesday’s special election. They were tired of legislators always favoring big business over the voters.

The Democrats won the Iowa House District 82 in Tuesday’s special election, which had gone strongly Republican a mere nine months ago. Phil Miller, who is on the school board and has a Fairfield veterinary practice, took 4,020 votes in an unofficial count by the Iowa Secretary of State’s office, according to the Des Moines Register. Republican Travis Harris received 3,324 votes, the Libertarian Party candidate Joshua Miller took 71 votes, and the Constitution Party of Iowa candidate Edward Hee III took 58 votes. State officials say that they will have these results certified sometime later in the week.

That leaves the Iowa House with 41 Democrats and 59 Republicans. District 82 includes portions of three counties and has 6,257 registered Democrats, 6,611 registered Republicans, and 5,738 with no affiliation.

This special election occurred because Democratic Representative Curt Hanson passed away after a long battle with cancer this June. Hanson, 73, had been in the state House since 2009.

Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been crisscrossing the country to bring the message of his resistance movement of a more people-friendly government. His actions seem to have resonated with the voters in Iowa, which may have been one of the reasons for the dramatic special election and have raised the hopes of some voters around the country that the senator will once again run for president. Of course, that will not be until 2020 and his age is an issue.

Check out this video below of Sanders speaking in Iowa via YouTube.


Featured Image via Getty Images/Steve Pope.