JUST IN: Trump Hit With Massive Lawsuit Over Transgender Military Ban (DETAILS)


President Donald Trump is no stranger to lawsuits and court rooms. He has in fact, in the last 3 decades been implicated in the proceedings or directly sued in 4,095 lawsuits — 52 since he was inaugurated. By contrast, President Obama was named in three, George W. Bush was named in four, and Bill Clinton was named in four. That means that this president, Donald Trump has been sued nearly five times as many times as all three of the presidents before him, combined. That should tell you something.

A large part of Donald Trump’s legal issues no doubt stem from his unethical business dealings and his controversial — often times prejudiced — policies. And while this lawsuit is not a surprise to most people, Americans ought to be glad that they have indeed stepped up to the plate again, to take Trump to task over his insane, ignorant ideas.

Initially, the Trump administration faced legal challenges when both of his Muslim bans were shot down in the courts thanks to a challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). His attempts to ban travel and immigration from select Muslim majority countries has been prohibited in its two current forms, but Americans likely haven’t seen the end of this type of legislation from him.

LGBT groups are pursuing legal charges against President Donald Trump due to his recent announcement banning transgender people from serving in any capacity, in the American military. This has meant an uncertain future for many thousands of transgender individuals who are currently serving and has rightfully garnered Trump tremendous criticism. Not too long ago, Trump took to Twitter to announce the ban citing additional medical costs that transgender servicepeople might use. As was pointed out in the aftermath of the announcement, the United States military spends five times the amount on Viagra as it does on transgender services.

That said, the lawsuit has not been formalized just yet, as President Trump and his administration has not provided a detailed plan for how to eliminate transgender individuals who are currently serving from duty and how to bar them in the future. For now, many legal representatives are hoping it is just a distraction tactic, to draw people’s minds away from the ongoing Russian collusion investigation.

One such person is Jon Davidson, the legal director of Lambda Legal, who echoed these thoughts to The National Law Journal:

 ‘I’m hoping that this is nothing more than one more attempt at distraction…If it actually were to become the policy, there will be whiplash at how fast we sue.’

Two other advocacy groups, The National Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) told The Washington Examiner that they’ve already filed lawsuits as of Wednesday. This was done on behalf of five troops and an unnamed number of complainants, all filed under the name “Jane Doe” to remain anonymous. Many of these complainants also submitted impact statements to accompany the filing, identifying grave concerns about their wellbeing and in some cases, the wellbeing of their families now that this is under consideration.

Thank goodness someone is looking out for the rights of every American. We can only hope that the judiciary system does not allow this to come to pass.

Feature Image via Getty Images.