Trump Voters Take New Approval Rating Poll – The Results Will Cause W.H. Mayhem


Donald Trump has never been one to let facts get in the way of his agenda. He will push for what he wants to push, whether reality backs up his assertions or not. One of the latest examples of this exposes yet again just where the president’s priorities really lie.

On Monday of this week, in the face of an increasing number of polls that were to the contrary, Trump tweeted that his base is “stronger than ever.”

Trump’s assertion here — like so many of his other assertions — is completely wrong.

Last week, a new poll of Trump’s approval rating came out from Quinnipiac University. This poll showed an overall record low approval rating for the president, with only 33 percent of those surveyed saying that they approve of the job that the president is doing. That’s the lowest rating that Quinnipiac has come up with in their polling since Trump took office.

Buried in their data, however, is another key point that is perhaps more indicative of the way things are going in the United States. After all, a desperately low overall approval rating for the president is pretty much to be expected at this point; it’s only a matter of degree.

However, besides the low overall approval rating, the recently released Quinnipiac poll has a slim majority of white voters without a college degree disapproving of the president. These people are a key part of Trump’s base, According to the poll, 50 percent of this subset of white voters disapprove of the job that Trump is doing, while only 43 percent of them approve.

Mark Meckler, who heads the so-called Convention of States project, summed up the hard headed attitude of Trump and whatever supporters he has left when he said:

‘If anybody trusts the polls these days, they are just foolish. What people like me know is that if the polling shows the base falling away, the polls are false.’

That’s just not the way it works — polls don’t get to be false just because you don’t like them or agree with them.

Other polls besides the one from Quinnipiac University have also shown Trump’s base is shrinking, including one from CNN that measured only 59 percent of Republicans as approving of the president.

Republican pollster David Winston insisted that the president’s “numbers were [expected] to be inherently lower” — and as you can see here, low they are.

Check out a chart showing Trump’s overall approval rating over time below.

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