W.H. Makes Big Trump/Vacation Announcement & The Secret Service Is Irritated


Donald Trump plans on staying in New York City for three of his 17 working vacation days White House officials told ABC News. The president will spend the bulk of his time at his golf resort in Bedminister, New Jersey. He has not stayed at his Fifth Avenue tower home since he took office in January, even though he met with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in the city in May. The Secret Service is pulling out its hair.

According to the White House, 45 will be at his New York home somewhere in the “beginning portion” of this coming week. Trump tweeted earlier that he was “working hard” during the White House’s renovation, then heading out for NYC:

‘Working hard from New Jersey while White House goes through long-planned renovation. Going to New York next week for more meetings.’

The president plans on staying at his home in Trump Tower, which will create something of a nightmare for his Secret Service people. Until recently, the Secret Service officed out of the same structure as housed Trump’s penthouse. After a dispute over the lease agreement between Trump Organization and the GSA (General Services Administration), the security detail moved its command post. The security people transferred to a trailer on the sidewalk in front of the tower just last week. The Secret Service and the GSA are working to find another location an agency spokesperson told ABC News.

The problem with the new location is a matter of communications and proximity. Due to the tower’s structure, communication is spotty. Plus, Trump Tower is a multi-purpose location with people moving in and out of the building from shops and offices. When the Secret Service is outside of the building, that means wasted time reaching the president should any need arise.

The day before the president leaves for his meetings in NYC, Vice President Mike Pence will come up to Bedminster to see him. White House officials say the vice-president, Cabinet secretaries, and senior policy advisers will make the trip for various meetings on tax reform, health care, and other issues.

Trump has traveled to his “winter White House” in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago, a total of seven times after his inauguration.

Check out this brief video below of Donald Trump at his New Jersey golf resort via ABC:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt.