Indiana GOP Seeks To Disenfranchise Black And Hispanic Voters In Worst Way Ever


One of the strangest things to emerge from Donald Trump’s electoral victory is his insistence that he, the winner of the election, was the victim of voter fraud. The truly frustrating thing about this is that it seems that the GOP is taking measures to ensure that this non-existent voter fraud doesn’t happen again. They’re doing so by making it harder for African-American and Hispanic voters to go the polls.

Voter ID laws are one of the more common means of doing this, but Republicans in Indiana have taken things a step further. Ari Berman, the author of Give Us The Ballot, has reported that Indiana Republicans are attempting to close voter precincts in areas of the state that went for Hillary Clinton. These areas are home to large African-American and Hispanic populations. Perhaps most telling of all is the fact that these are the only areas in the state which are being subject to these laws.

A lawsuit filed by the NAACP alleges that the law will make it difficult for the residents of  Lake County to exercise their right to vote. In addition to having large minority populations, many of the area’s residents are poor or disabled which would make a long trip the polls even more difficult for them.

There are currently two proposed plans for the district consolidation. The first plan would eliminate 154 of the county’s 523 precincts and save an estimated $102,530 per each election. The second plan isn’t quite as drastic and would only cut 126 precincts. This plan would is estimated to save about $84,950 each election.

These measures are likely being pitched as cost-saving plans, but the fact that they focus on mainly minority populations that voted for Clinton is a bit telling. If these plans also proposed cutting precincts from white areas then that might be a bit better received. As things stand, it’s understandable that some would argue they adversely impact minority voters and could be an attempt to help the GOP win future elections.

Featured image via Getty Images.