Scaramucci Makes Linda Tripp Joke On Twitter & Monica Lewinsky Shuts Him Down


The Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal rocked America at a time with the country was getting reacquainted with the notion of having a president whose magnetic persona made him something like a rockstar in terms of status. After all, by the time Clinton took office, the polarizing nature of the Reagan administration and its policies made memories of Ronald Reagan, the Hollywood actor and celebrity, a far stretch from his time as the ultra conservative president whose tough on drugs policies supersaturated America’s prisons with those whose skin just so happened to be brown.

Now, as often the case when time has provided space for aspects of history to be somewhat forgotten to some and unknown to others, there are those who simply don’t recognize Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky as household names. However, for those who do, remembering that time in history takes them back to another period, when the actions of a commander in chief caused those he was supposed to represent to question everything about their country, government, and s0-called leaders.

Therefore, as a baffling saga between Anthony Scaramucci and Monica Lewinsky continues to play out, some are wondering just what has “The Mooch” working so hard and digging so deep to be relevant in the ways that he is. On Thursday, Scaramucci took to Twitter to compare himself to Lewinsky and New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza to Linda Tripp. He tweeted:

Naturally, people stood at the ready to drag Scaramucci. Some even did so using Scaramucci’s own words:

One person made it quite clear that Scaramucci is far from Lewinsky, but does have a place in the Clinton/Lewinsky analogy:

One person stated the obvious, but reminded people that Scaramucci didn’t put a lot of thought into his decision to compare himself to Lewinsky:

Another user broke down what’s perhaps the biggest difference between Tripp and Lizza:

Someone else had some advice that Scaramucci probably needed to hear before he found himself in the situation he is now in:

To which someone correctly replied:

One person suggested that Scaramucci has a drug problem:

While all of the replies above are on point in their own way, the one that shut everything down was the tweet from Monica Lewinsky herself. Proving less is more and sometimes no words are needed, she simply posted:

Featured Image via Getty/Tasos Katapodis/Contributor