Twitter Spazzes Out After Trump Threatens War With North Korea And Venezuela


In the latest developments today, President Trump decided that threatening North Korea with war wasn’t quite enough. Apparently, he is going all in, and now he has threatened force on Venezuela as well.

Earlier today, Ana Navarro, a CNN, ABC and Telemundo contributor, tweeted this:

Navarro received many tweets in response.

This tweet was by far the best, though:

This generated quite a few responses in return.

According to The New York Times, Trump declared today that the armed forces were “locked and loaded” as he continued threats of military force against North Korea. In addition, he said he would consider military force to deal with an unrelated crisis in Venezuela.

According to MSN News:

‘In Washington, the Pentagon said it had not received any orders on Venezuela from the White House. Trump, asked if U.S. forces would lead any operation in Venezuela, declined to provide details.’

It’s easy to poke fun on Twitter as one way of coping with the madness, but who will Trump threaten tomorrow and how long will it be until he launches the U.S. into the war of all wars?

Featured image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images.