U.S. Navy Secretary Slays Trump For Ban On Transgender Military Members


Recently confirmed Navy secretary Richard Spencer has spoken out regarding President Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding transgender individuals serving in the military. In a series of tweets, Trump said that the military would not allow transgender individuals to serve.

Spencer has now given his opinion on the matter and Trump may not be too happy with it. The Navy Times reports that Spencer has said that he believes “any patriot” should be allowed to serve in the armed forces.

‘We will process and take direction of a policy that is developed by the [defense] secretary, taking direction from the president and march out smartly Fundamentally, any patriot that wants to serve and meets all the requirements, should be able to serve in our military.’

During his confirmation hearing, Spencer drew fire when he said that branches of the military should not be used for social experiments. However, Spencer later said that he meant his statements as a comment on the Department of Defense’s role in developing policy for the military.

‘I totally believe that policy should be developed at the DOD level, and then discussed and socialized and deployed and then obeyed. We have to work together, including all our service people, to make sure that they are given what they need, whether that be spiritually, whether that be psychologically, whether that’s materialistically, to fight forward so that — so readiness is the key and lethality is the product.’

Despite Trump’s announcement, there is currently no ban in effect on transgender individuals. Numerous military leaders have said that such policies would need to go through proper Defense Department channels before being implemented. It turns out even the president can’t simply announce policy via Twitter.

Featured image via Getty Images.