‘F*cking Jew Lovers!’ Alt-Right Protestors Erupt Live On Fox News (VIDEO)


The governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency in Charlottesville on Saturday, after white nationalists and counter protesters clashed regarding a plan to remove a statue of a Confederate general from a nearby park. The demonstration was dubbed the “largest gathering of white nationalists in recent years,” according to the New York Times. The protests caught so much attention nationwide, that even President Trump took to Twitter to condemn the violence taking place, however, he refused to utter the words “white nationalists.”

Instead, he said:

‘We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.’

Protests are seemingly heating up, however, and according to video footage from Fox News, there is next to nothing productive being born from the interactions between white nationalists and counter protesters present in Charlottesville.

In fact, it’s almost the direct opposite. A Fox News reporter tried to catch up with protesters, however, he was greeted instead by cursing and no concrete answer as to where they were headed.

Presumably referring to the counter protesters, one white nationalist look at the camera and shouted:

‘Dude, they’re f*cking gassing us, dude! The f*cking Jew lovers are gassing us, man!’

The demonstration(s) in Charlottesville have garnered a slew of media attention as well a significant amount of backlash. Most recently, white nationalists came under fire for using the Detroit Red Wings hockey team logo without permission. White nationalists carried signs decorated with the logo in demonstrations against the removal of the statue of a Confederate general from the city park. The Red Wings swiftly condemned the use of their logo in a statement issued Saturday afternoon.

The team posted on Twitter:

‘The Detroit Red Wings vehemently disagree with and are not associated in any way with the event taking place today in Charlottesville, Va. The Red Wings believe that Hockey is for Everyone and we celebrate the great diversity of our fan base and our nation. We are exploring every possible legal action as it pertains to the misuse of our logo in this disturbing demonstration.’

Watch the video footage of one white nationalist calling counter protesters “f*cking Jew lovers” in the clip below, available via YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images.