JUST IN: Trump Suspects Steve Bannon Of Leaking; Termination Imminent: report


For many, any chance for giving Donald Trump an opportunity to prove that he isn’t a racist bigot went out of the door when he decided to add Steve Bannon to his cabinet. Bannon, a known anti-Semite, has laid relatively low since Trump took office, but for some, his silence and attempts to move under the radar have said more than words could say.

Now it seems that although he has been somewhat silent publicly, some feel that Bannon has had a lot to say to any media entity that will listen to him. That’s to say, Bannon stands accused of being one of Trump’s leaks:

In fact, Axios has gone as far as reporting that Bannon is Trump’s leak and for this reason, his job is now in jeopardy. From Bannon’s figurative war against General McMaster, to Bannon’s decision to leak his tax proposal, many are saying that Trump’s friend and polarizing staffer, is sharing information that Trump would rather be withheld, as part of Bannon’s Alex Jones’-style efforts to give credence to outlandish conspiracy theories such as Jones’.

However, sources are also saying that Bannon may have crossed the line and Trump is now viewing his friend as having gone astray. Bannon’s participation in the writing of Devil’s Bargain, among other things, has now cast Bannon in an adversarial light and Trump doesn’t like it.

As a result of Bannon’s missteps, rumors are swirling that the no-nonsense Jim Kelly is primed and ready to make more changes in the West Wing. Tops on the list of changes to be made? Steve Bannon. Time will tell.

Featured Image via Getty/The Washington Post/Contributor