Obama Shows Trump How To Be President; Delivers Heroic Anti Alt-Right Message To America


No U.S. president understands the racist nature of America like Barack Obama. For eight years and even since his family has left office, the Obamas have been the target of brutal reminders that America is far from post-racialNevertheless, some people would love to lead folks to believe that America is open, affirming, and accepting and that racism is just something folks with brown skin use as an excuse for their less than desirable plights.

However, the events that have played out in Charlottesville, VA this weekend are a grim reminder that not only is racism alive and well, it’s carrying tiki torches meant to keep mosquitoes away, wearing expensive polos and boat shoes, and looks now, more than ever, like the person next door, teaching our child, etc. Unfortunately, despite the hate that’s on display in Virginia, Donald Trump hasn’t made condemning it, a priority. In fact, it seems like it was more of an “oh by the way,” acknowledgement, when he did say something about it.

Though President Obama was harshly criticized by some for not using his platform to speak on matters of skin color more often, he was still the first commander to directly address difficult subjects that people have made a habit of shying away from. In that same vein, Obama took to Twitter to share some thoughts on the events unfolding in Virginia. He tweeted:

Right on time and appearing to be just what some people needed to hear at a time like this, some folks were relieved to see that President Obama was speaking up:

Are those of you former Obama voters who flipped the script and supported Trump, missing the poise, class, and grace that Obama brought, yet?

Featured Image via Getty/NurPhoto/Contributor