Trump Abruptly Calls Press Conference & Makes Deplorable Statement On Alt-Right Terrorists


It took the president a full day to respond to the racist rally and its ensuing violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The response he did finally give after a night and day of what amounts to a terrorist attack against anti-fascist protesters by neo-Nazis was far from complete.

In a very brief statement, just four minutes long, Trump never once said the words “white supremacy,” nor did he acknowledge the horrible racism fueling the violence in Charlottesville. Instead, he made sure to cast blame on those protesting racism in addition to the neo-Nazis, absolve himself of responsibility for emboldening these white nationalists, and tout his administration’s non-existent achievements on jobs and the economy.

Never once did he mention the terrorist-style attack on anti-fascist Americans injured when a car plowed through their group, leaving dozens with serious injuries.

The lack of police response to the violence by white, male rally-goers in Charlottesville had already been noted by those who speak out against racism and xenophobia, but the lack of response from the United States president became a loud, echoing silence in the hours that followed neo-Nazis beating counter protesters with torches and spraying them with pepper spray and urine. When a car plowed into those counter protesters ISIS-style, an immediate response was needed. What the country got instead were bland, minimizing tweets from the president.

Trump has done absolutely nothing around terrorism in white nationalist form to “make it better.” Instead, he appointed white nationalists like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller to his presidential administration. Whether or not Trump wants to acknowledge it now, his racist and xenophobic rhetoric on the campaign trail and since the elections has emboldened people like the neo-Nazis currently chanting Nazi propaganda slogans like “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us” on the University of Virginia campus on Friday and Saturday.

For a president who spoke out so harshly on terrorism, which he was eager to call “radical Islamic terrorism,” he has certainly missed the mark on calling out radical right-wing, white supremacist terrorism. By refusing to speak on the Islamic mosque bombing in Minnesota, as well as remaining silent for far too long on the violence happening in Charlottesville, Trump continues to remind the American public that he has never abhorred terrorist acts.

What he abhors is a religion followed by far too many black and brown folks, and he has failed to speak up or protect those black, brown, and Islamic followers of all races in America.

For video of the press conference, see below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube