Charlottesville Mayor Destroys Trump’s Nazi Response On CNN’s ‘State of the Union’


Racism in America isn’t new. In fact, the country’s mere founding was based on the extremely racist principle that the Natives who’d proudly cultivated, cared for, and lived on the land prior to the arrival of European settlers, didn’t deserve to have the integrity of their way of life maintained.

Moreover, no one should ever forget that the U.S., as much as it boasts about freedoms, opportunities, etc., was built on the backs of slaves on land stolen from its original inhabitants. For centuries, Americans have been proud of its history and fully held an expectation that people, regardless of how they’ve been violated by the country’s past and its impact on the present, celebrate and be proud of the facade of equity, inclusion, and diversity that the U.S. pretends to have.

The stain of racism that has loomed America for hundreds of years is one that people have tried to cover, ignore, disregard, minimize, and otherwise excuse no matter how many times they’re called out for doing so. However, it’s here and this weekend, its presence has played out in ways that should make honest conversations around racism in America, a priority.

Unfortunately, per the usual, conversing candidly about racism is not a priority. Even worse, it is being denigrated to being the fault of people “on many sides.” However, racism, by definition, has only one side. Therefore Donald Trump’s lackluster response to the events in Charlottesville aren’t only packed with micro-aggressions, but also the very racist undertones that have excused racism in the minds of many, for so long.

Trump needs to be called out, and so far, some people who need to use their white privilege for good and hold Trump accountable, are doing just that. In fact, the Mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer (D), withheld nothing on Sunday as he talked to CNN’s Jake Tapper about the unacceptable nature of Donald Trump’s response to the hate-filled terroristic acts that have taken place in Virginia this weekend.

Signer cut straight to the chase and called-out Trump’s support and encouragement of white supremacy during his campaign:

Signer also slammed Trump further, saying:

‘There’s two words that need to be said over and over again and that’s domestic terrorism and white supremacy. That’s exactly what we saw on display this weekend. We just aren’t seeing leadership from the White House. He’s already on the sidelines on so many issues, but the country is going to move ahead.’

What America needs now is a strong leader, but once again Donald Trump is proving that he isn’t that person. Someone so quick to talk about what he will do to terrorists refuses to talk about the worst kind of terrorist the nation has ever faced, the homegrown domestic kind. However, what Trump won’t do, people like Mayor Signer will, and like Signer said, “the country is going to move ahead,” without Donald Trump.

Signer’s full interview may be viewed below; it starts around the 3:05 minute mark and lasts until about 9:10:

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.