Drudge Report Brutally Turns Against Trump In Wake Of Charlottesville Violence


This weekend, the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, has suffered a spate of violence that has resulted in three deaths. White supremacists have been rallying in the city in protest of the city’s planned removal of statues meant to honor Confederate war icons, and they were met with an unsurprising left wing counterprotest presence.

That meeting led to unsurprising violence. One counterprotester was killed when a white supremacist drove his car straight into a crowd, while two police officers died when the helicopter they were riding in to surveil the riots crashed. Nineteen people were injured in the car ramming incident, and at least fifteen people have been injured elsewhere throughout the city over the past days.

President Trump has been extremely hesitant to condemn the white nationalists whose rallying is at the center of the violence, even though they are literally marching through American streets under the literal banner of Nazism. Nazi regalia has been clearly visible throughout the white supremacist crowds.

Trump, of course, encouraged violence against left wing protesters at a number of his campaign season rallies, and no matter how many half baked statements he dishes out as president, the damage from those campaign season calls for violence has already been done.

In him having cultivated this violent atmosphere, the president seems to be losing one of his prominent supporters, conservative online news icon Matt Drudge. The famously technologically backward and yet still relevant Drudge Report displayed a headline covering the Charlottesville violence this weekend reading: “Make America Hate Again.”

That headline mocks the president’s own slogan, suggesting that making America “hate again” is what is really at the core of the president’s agenda as represented by “Make America Great Again.”

Check out a screenshot of the Drudge Report from early Sunday afternoon below.

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The president can no doubt live without the support of Matt Drudge as an individual. However, him breaking with the president on this remains indicative of the way that even some of the most staunchly conservative segments of the United States have begun to see the president.

Drudge has already raised eyebrows in recent weeks for his headlines that seem to be critical of the president, hitting him over not getting done what he said he would.

Featured Image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images.