General McMaster Defies Trump’s Summation Of Deadly Charlottesville Nazi Attack


One of the many problems with white privilege is the fact that many who enjoy its benefits, fail to use their place of privilege to truly denounce the perils faced by those whose skin color doesn’t afford them the same benefits. For example, it seems to have been quite easy for Donald Trump to fail to make addressing and condemning the events in Charlottesville in a timely fashion a priority, then refuse to acknowledge the events in their entirety as terrorism, and ultimately imply that someone/groups other than the white supremacist who instigated the violent protests, hold blame.

Instead of righting Trump’s wrong, members of his administration are choosing to minimize the abhorrent nature of Trump’s words, as well as further downplay the actions of the nation’s homegrown terrorists. On Sunday, National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster appeared on ABC This Week and told George Stephanopoulos that Donald Trump has always condemned hatred, white supremacy, and racism.

He also only partially identified the white supremacists’ actions as terroristic in nature. Choosing to only label the driving of the car through the crowd, as domestic terrorism. According to McMaster:

‘The president has been very clear, we can not tolerate this kind of bigotry.’

Wait. When exactly was Trump “very clear?” He certainly wasn’t clear during or after his campaign when white supremacist groups supported and rallied around him. He also wasn’t “very clear” when he encouraged the brazen assaults against those protesting against him at various rallies.

McMaster didn’t stop with the above whitesplaining and whitewashing of Trump’s actions. He added:

‘What he did is he called on all Americans to take a firm stand against it.’

When did Trump call on “all Americans?” Furthermore, “all Americans” aren’t engaging in racist acts of domestic terrorism. Finally, Trump himself hasn’t taken a “firm stand against it,” so how can he even pretend to expect people to believe that genuinely wants them to do something he isn’t modeling. Leaders lead by example.

McMaster stuck his foot in his mouth a little more:

‘There’s a great opportunity for us to ask ourselves, what are we teaching our children? Tolerance has to overcome this kind of hatred.’

Is McMaster talking about the same kind of “tolerance” that inspired Donald Trump to impose a Muslim ban? Or, is McMaster referring to the “tolerance” that led Donald Trump to declare that transgender individuals aren’t able to serve their country? These are legitimate questions that deserve answers.

As if he thinks all of America is too dumb to see through his alt-right dog and pony show propaganda, McMaster then made what could be the most ignorant, insulting, and disrespectful portion of his remarks:

‘What the president did is that he called out anyone, anyone who is responsible for this kind of bigotry, hatred, racism, and violence.’

That’s not what Trump did, though, and even if it was, it still isn’t specifically calling out the radical white supremacist terrorists for their actions. That’s what needs to happen, but won’t because Trump himself propagates the same kind of hate that those guilty of the events in Charlottesville have displayed.

Watch McMaster pat Donald Trump on the back and further enable the normalization of domestic terrorism, racism, and hatred, below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.