General McMaster Disgraces The Nation On ABC Following Deadly VA. Nazi Attack


Charlottesville, Virginia, has been rocked by violence this weekend as thousands of white nationalists descended upon the college town to protest the planned removal of statues honoring Confederate war icons.

The violence started raging on Friday night, and it took the president until Saturday afternoon to respond to it. When he finally did respond to the violence, he did not explicitly condemn the white nationalists, instead saying that responsibility for the violence rests with “many sides.”

Trump’s National Security Adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, attempted to cover for his boss’s ridiculously lacking statement in a Sunday morning appearance on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

McMaster began by saying:

‘The president has been very clear. We can not tolerate this kind of bigotry, this kind of hatred. And what he did is he called on all Americans to take a firm stand against it.’

No, Gen. McMaster, the president has not been “very clear.” As already mentioned, the president refused to explicitly condemn white nationalists while responding to the violence, leaving observers wondering if Trump’s true loyalty still rests with these people. He can thank many of them for helping him get elected.

McMaster went on to try and cling to some sort of middle ground between the white nationalists/ Nazis and the rest of us, saying:

‘This is a great opportunity for us to ask ourselves, “What are we teaching our children?” Tolerance has to overcome this kind of hatred, this kind of hatred that is grounded, really, in ignorance — ignorance of our values and what makes us unique as Americans. Our commitment to each other, our commitment to freedom, liberty, tolerance and rights for all of us.’

Not quite, Gen. McMaster.

The people rallying for white supremacist values in Charlottesville aren’t “ignorant of what makes us unique as Americans” — they just don’t care about it. They don’t live under rocks, and they can’t escape even the slightest bit of responsibility for their actions and beliefs here. These people hate minorities; they hate Jews, they hate African Americans.

That isn’t ignorant; that’s destructively evil — and the president should make it abundantly clear that he is against that.

Trump, however, has not done any such thing.

Watch McMaster’s appearance on ABC below.

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