Idiots On Fox & Friends Brazenly Defend Charlottesville Nazis LIVE On-Air (VIDEO)


This weekend, the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, was rocked by violence that accompanied thousands upon thousands of white nationalists descending on the town to protest the removal of statues honoring Confederate war icons.

The president declined to personally condemn these white nationalists, instead simply saying that responsibility for the violence, which has claimed the lives of three people, rested with “many sides.” His non-committal response to this massive gathering of literal Nazis left many unsurprised at the president’s belligerence but still disturbed that this is the sort of man occupying the Oval Office.

One voice to be in total agreement with the president’s non-commital stance on things is — wait for it — Fox & Friends, which might as well be known as Trump’s favorite show. He tweets praise of it all the time.

On Sunday morning, after airing a clip of the president’s remarks about the violence from Saturday, host Pete Hegseth said:

‘I think the president nailed it. He condemned in the strongest possible terms hatred and bigotry on all sides as opposed to immediately picking a side out the gate.’

In the issue of white supremacy and its opposition, the relevance of being sure to be “fair” fades away. Hegseth seems to be unaware of that. Instead of trying to spin the president’s words into an actual condemnation of white supremacy as some have done, he did the opposite and reveled in the apparent legitimization granted to white supremacist movements by the president’s refusal to “come out swinging” against them.

Hegseth went on to get even more explicit in his attempt at legitimizing white nationalists, saying:

‘There’s always a grievance underneath it that it’s worth talking about. And we should never live in such a politically correct culture that we can’t at least have a conversation.’

When it comes to movements that seek to dehumanize entire groups of people, there is no longer any place to “at least have a conversation.”

Remember, for the Fox hosts and the president to say these things literally plays right into the white supremacists’ hands, who have reveled in the time since Trump’s initial statement in his refusal to explicitly condemn them.

Watch the video from Fox below.

Featured Image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images.