Lone Twitter User Exposes Identities Of Alt-Right Protest Thugs – The Firings Begin


Over the weekend, a large Neo-Nazi and KKK rally took place in Charlottesville, VA, in order to protest the removal of the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Unfortunately for the white supremacists, they are beginning to learn that membership in hate groups has consequences. Twitter users are rallying together to identify and expose those who came out to the “Unite The Right” event.

While many of the people involved in the march are unknown, there have been several who have been identified. In fact, it was reported that one lost his job over it. We’re sure he’ll complain about that, but employers are under no obligation to hire people who participate in hate movements.

One of the more disturbing trends exposed on “Yes, You’re Racist’s” Twitter feed was the fact that a few of the people exposed had met with elected officials within the Republican Party.

Featured Image via Getty Images.