Protesters March In Solidarity With Survivors Of Saturday’s VA. Nazi Terrorist Attack


For months Donald Trump rose to popularity on the heels of hate, bigotry, and the very racist principles upon which America was founded. When the KKK endorsed Trump, he didn’t denounce the support or condemn what the group stands for. As vile bigoted race baiters like Alex Jones preach their propaganda, Donald Trump has repeatedly failed to speak against their messages and clearly separate himself from it.

Because of Donald Trump’s failure to take a true stand against racism, this weekend’s tragic events were allowed to unfold in Virginia under the guise of “fulfilling a promise of Trump.” Known [former] KKK leaders like David Duke are proud to vomit messages around “taking back” a country that was never theirs to begin with, and they’re pleased to do so and say the desire comes in part from wanting to act in accordance with their understanding of Donald Trump’s wishes.

To add insult to injury, Donald Trump is minimizing the events that took place in Charlottesville and hasn’t sent the message of intolerance for racism, that he should, given his position.

Donald Trump may be refusing to recognize the racist Charlottesville terrorist attack for what it was, but across the country, people are coming together to do what Trump isn’t willing — sincerely denounce white supremacy and acknowledge the weekend’s events as brazen acts of domestic terrorism. Specifically, in Atlanta, the show of solidarity is transcending skin color, religion, class, and socio-economic status. People are uniting and sending a unified message that the brand of hate that Trump has given a new life to, won’t be tolerated.

People are so serious about denouncing hate, they’ve taken to social media throughout the last few hours to show that while the racist supremacist in Virginia may have thought they were loud in voicing their dissent over the removal of the Confederate statue, the voices of those who don’t agree are louder, stronger, and will last longer.

Images like the ones below tell the story of people who won’t have their voices silenced by the hate that Donald Trump has normalized:

Hate will not win.

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.