Trump Runs Tactless New Ad Campaign After Deadly Alt-Right Attack In Charlottesville


Despite the 2016 election being over and the 2020 election being three years away, Trump is still in campaign mode. In addition to his numerous rallies and self-serving tweets, the president’s campaign team has recently released a new ad.`

This new ad, entitled “Let President Trump Do His Job,” shares one important characteristic in common with many of Trump’s tweets and public statements. Not content to merely brag about his alleged accomplishments, the ad also takes the time to attack Trump’s enemies. It calls out congressional Democrats, the media, and “career politicians” for standing in the way of Trump’s agenda. The attack on Democrats and the media are to be expected at this point.

Given the fact that the Democrats are the opposition party, it makes sense that Trump would attack them. One would think that given Trump’s status as “deal maker” he would be more willing to work with Democrats, but that doesn’t’ appear to be the case. Since taking office, Trump has promoted policies which appeal to his alt-right base. Such a stance makes it difficult for him to work with Democrats on key issues since he has displayed an unwillingness to compromise.

Sadly, Trump’s attacks on the media aren’t any more surprising. Trump has been waging a one-man war against the media since his campaign began. Upon taking office, he surrogates would often accuse the media of attacking him and his agenda. Even Trump himself, who should have more important matters to attend to, would often take to Twitter to attack the “failing New York Times” or other media outlets who have run stories he did not like.

The aforementioned enemies were to be expected from a Trump ad, but the “career politicians” is a bit more interesting. The line makes sense considering Trump came to power on promises that he would be different from other politicians. However, the fact that the ad mentions a category of politicians separate from Democrats makes us think Trump might be growing frustrated with many of his party’s own congressional┬árepresentatives. His failure to repeal and replace Obamacare was thanks, in large part, to deflection from members of the GOP who refused to support the bill. If things don’t turn around, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see Trump attacking specific┬áRepublicans.

For more information, the full ad can be seen below.

Featured image via Getty Images.