Anonymous Just Threatened The Alt-Right & Promised Payback For Charlottesville


Some of the worst racists among us no longer rely on white hoods to cover their faces and protect their identities anymore. Many of them are about to discover what a bad decision that is. The days of hiding behind social media with fake names and marching together to promote white supremacy without consequences may soon be over.

Online hacking group Anonymous spoke out against the deplorable racists in America with a stern warning in a new video on Tuesday, saying that racists will be outed and will pay for their disgusting beliefs.

‘Citizens of the world, we are anonymous, and we are angry. Anonymous finds it a sad state of affairs that in 2017 we still have Nazi party flags flying high and terrorists killing for the Nazi cause.

‘And we are angry, angry because there is an administration in the White House that has sold its moral or ethical obligation to represent the citizens of the United States in exchange for individuals who believe themselves to be superior to those who do not look like them or follow their sadistic ideologies.

‘Anonymous has made it clear that it will not stand by as this bigotry continues to perpetuate.  We are taking a stand against an intolerant evil that must be crushed.

‘That is why we chose to engage Operation Domestic Terrorism, where we continue to take down domestic terrorism websites, and out those who share the ideology.’

The video was followed by warnings on Twitter as well as the first call out against a racist website.

In an interview with Newsweek, members of Anonymous issued even more dire threats to those promoting violence and hate against minority groups.

‘And to everyone else who shares the white supremacist ideology, and that includes the likes of Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler and David Duke, you are not safe. The blood of Heather is on your hands. And you will pay for it in blood.’

No violence, in any form, should be condoned by anyone. The rising threat from neo-Nazi and alt-right groups, emboldened by a president who would appoint such deplorable men as Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, and Jeff Sessions to high-ranking cabinet positions and who took an entire two days to denounce these hateful groups after they committed a terrorist act on U.S. soil, is making the threat all too real, and all too frightening, to too many Americans.

See the full video from Anonymous below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube