Terrified White Supremacist Panics When Cornered By Protesters In Hilarious Video


As the weekend’s events at Charlottesville, VA. prove, white supremacy is a danger to all of us. However, strangely enough, there are some people who go to white supremacist rallies not out of a belief in the ideology, but because they find it fun. At least that’s what one person said when they were confronted for¬†shouting racist slogans.

A recently released video highlights this strange occurrence. In the video, we see a young man who appeared to be attending the¬†Charlottesville rally. He was dressed in the same white polo that has become sort of a uniform for the alt-right. The reason behind the dress code is unclear, but some have speculated it’s modeled after an outfit worn by Donald Trump as the president has been embraced by the alt-right as a friend of their cause. Regardless, of the shirt’s origins, the young man

Regardless, of the shirt’s origins, the young man immediately took it off upon being confronted over his views. He claimed that he was “not really a white power man.” Rather, he said he had came to the event because it was fun for him. When pressed upon what he found fun he said that he enjoyed being able to chant “white power.” He then added that he had been in jail, but refused to say what he had gotten arrested for.

The man also said that “To be quite honest…I love to be offensive, it’s all.” In short, people like him are the real-life equivalent of internet trolls. They don’t have any other reasons for their actions beyond the amusement they get from upsetting people.

To be quite honest, we’re not sure what’s worse. Someone who actually believes in Nazism or someone who participates in such events because they find it amusing. We’re not sure at one point an ideology that advocates for the murder of Jews, black people, LGBT people and others became a laughing matter to some people, but it it is rather disgusting. Hopefully, he’ll find a better way to spend his time. We suggest working to find a way to help some of the people he’s doubtlessly intimidated and hurt for the sake of his “fun.”

For more information, you can see the video below.

Featured image via screenshot via Getty Images.