Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial Vandalized – Police Ask For Public’s Help


The recent intense violence that rocked Charlottesville, Virginia, stemmed from white supremacists that gathered for a pathetically meaningless reason; namely, to protest the city’s plans to remove a statue honoring the Confederate war icon General Robert E. Lee.

Yes, that’s right — three people died and dozens more were seriously injured because of angry white people’s attachment to a piece of rock and metal shaped into the form of a long dead racist. Now, in what may be a retaliatory move on the part of white supremacists, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., has been vandalized by someone who wrote, in large red letters, “F*ck law.”

The vandal has not been identified, and a local NBC affiliate reports that “[a]nyone with information on the recent crime is asked to contact U.S. Park Police at 202-610-7515.” It’s not certain that the vandalism was carried out by white supremacists, but it seems likely.

Of course, the vandalism could have been carried out by “antifa” protesters, lots of whom are anarchists. Although a large number of people continue to turn out against white supremacists and Trump supporters who aren’t associated with the violent antifa, the so-called “antifa” groups around the country have grown in stature in recent months.

On Monday, a group of anti-white nationalist protesters in Durham, North Carolina, wrapped a rope around a statue of a Confederate war icon and toppled it, hearkening back to when Soviet statues were toppled by democratic protesters in the Eastern European countries that make up the former Soviet Union.

Indeed, there is little precedent for these statues to be up in the first place. The soldiers of the Confederacy literally supported keeping African Americans in bondage, and on top of that, they lost the war.

And we still have statues honoring them all around the country why again?

So, again, it could have been a far left leaning person who carried out the vandalism on the Lincoln Memorial, but considering the circumstances, it’s not necessarily likely. Lincoln is on our side, not the white supremacists’ side; it would make sense for the far right to take offense at a statue of the former president in light of their own statue issues.

The National Park Service is already working on removing the vandalism, which was discovered early Tuesday morning. They are using a “mild, gel-type architectural paint stripper to remove the paint without damaging the stone,” according to the aforementioned local NBC affiliate.

They have experience in doing this sort of thing, with a woman who eventually was found to be mentally incompetent to stand trial splashing green paint on the Lincoln Memorial back in 2013. (She vandalized the Washington National Cathedral in the same fashion.)

Back in 2013, it took workers about a month to completely remove the paint.

Earlier this year, in February, vandalism was discovered on the Lincoln Memorial in the form of bizarre, Sharpie-d on messages that seemed to read “Jackie shot JFK,” “blood test is a lie, leukemia, cancer HIV get a second option,” and “9/11/01 … pilots fly planes into WTC.”

An image of the vandalism is below.

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Featured Image via The Washington Post/ Getty Images.