VP Pence Just Made A Comment About Charlottesville & Immediately Regretted It


One theory behind why President Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his vice president is the fact that Pence was a polished politician who could smooth things over when Trump would go rogue. He’s done it plenty of times, and with the meltdown that Trump had at a press conference where he was asked multiple questions about his comments about the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA., he continued to do the same.

Pence told reporters Wednesday:

‘What happened in Charlottesville was a tragedy, and the president has been clear on this tragedy, and so have I. I spoke at length about this heartbreaking situation on Sunday night in Colombia, and I stand with the president, and I stand by those words.

But today, while I’m in Chile, our hearts are in Charlottesville, because just a few short hours ago, family and friends gathered to say farewell to a remarkable young woman, Heather Heyer, and we’ve been praying. We’ve been praying for God’s peace and comfort for her family, friends, and loved ones. We’re also praying that in America that we will not allow the few to divide the many. The strength of the United States of America is always strongest as the president has said so eloquently when we are united.’

First off, the president was never clear on the tragedy. Furthermore, Pence basically agreed with the president that there were good people marching alongside Nazis, White Supremacists, and bigots, and that both sides are violent and at fault. Lastly, Trump chose to appease only a subsection of his base rather than denounce them. He chose the few over the many.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.